A goodclass program can have a lot of benefits for your kids

1. Create a sense of belonging.

Children can get to know different kids than those they see at around the home. That means they don’t have to deal with the same cliques and social issues. If it is run at your child’s neighborhoodor nearby, the program can give your child a chance to connect with familiar kids in a different environment. There’s generally more adult supervision than on the regular playground, too. As a result, kids with learning or attention issues are more likely to be included and feel part of the group.

2. Improve social skills.

A good program promotes cooperation, support and respect. This can help kids feel more secure about joining a game or starting a conversation. And if they slip up, a sympathetic staffer should be on hand to remind them to take turns or stop interrupting.

3. Make learning more fun.

WE offer classes in areas like gymnastics, karate, ballet. For kids with learning and attention issues, these classes can be stress-free, fun and meaningful. Programs may also offer arts options like drama and music, which can help kids find new interests.

4. Provide safety and supervision.

Sadly, kids with learning and attention issues are more likely to be victimized or to engage in risky behavior. Studies show that being part of asafe and supervised program can result in better grades and fewer behavioral problems in school.

5. Build confidence.

Kids may be more willing to try new things and take more risks as there are no assessments in this programs. This, in turn, can lead to higher self-esteem.

Are you looking for a fun and exciting Holiday Camp for your child?

We are super excited to offer everyone our Kids Zone Holiday Camp. The camps run during the School brake from Sunday to Thursday 9am-1pm. We have 2 age groups available; 16 months to 4 years and also 5-10 year olds.We have so much planned for the little ones including Little Chef, Music & Movement, Structured Learning & Languages, Abacus & Brain Gym, Spring Arts & Crafts, Sports & Team Building Exercises as well as access to the Soft Play Area and much more.

You can pay as you go per day or get a discount for a week. There are no registration fees or hidden charges, you just pay for the days you wish for your little one to attend. You can stay if you wish or leave your little one with our amazing trained staff. Pay for 1 week and receive a 10% discount. Sibling discount of 10% also applies. Register now to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited. Call 04 884 8520, WhatsApp 050 460 4203 or email info@kidszone.ae for more information.